2011 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet GTS

2011 Porsche 911
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From the current owner of this 2011 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet:

How I Came to Own This Car

I bought my 911 in Dallas in 2014, when it was 3 years old and had 6,300 miles on it. It had mostly been kept in a garage for 3 years and lightly used as one of many toys the previous owner had. Why I chose to by this car at that time is worth sharing.

The Porsche 911 had been my dream car since I was a teenager, after having watched “Risky Business”, where Joel, played by Tom Cruise, outruns some bad guys in a 911. “Porsche – there is no substitute”, says Joel after that chase, and in a very effective marketing job by the people at Porsche, that line resonated with me throughout the years.

I always wanted not just a Porsche, but a 911 specifically. As I read about and researched the car, I always saw myself driving a cabriolet 911, top down on a beautiful day enjoying a winding, hilly road. But as time passed and I periodically found myself in need of a car, I never wanted to settle for any 911 – I wanted an experience and car as perfect as what the team at Porsche had dreamed and perfected over the years. As I got married, bought a house, built a career, and started a family, I always had other priorities that prevented me from fulfilling my dream.

That all changed in 2014. My best friend from childhood, who I had stayed in touch with through the years (and who, ironically saw “Risky Business” with me), suddenly was in the battle of his life with a terminal brain cancer diagnosis at age 43. His health declined shockingly fast, and when he went to hospice, I traveled back to the Midwest where we grew up to spend time with him. While we talked about many things, including past good times growing up together and raising families, what I will always remember is him telling me to make the most of every day. He encouraged me to not put off those things that I always wanted to do. If he had any regrets, he didn't say, but I knew what he meant. He passed away the day before my birthday in 2014.

I returned from his funeral resolved to reassess my priorities and start to fulfill some of those things that I had always planned for another day. Kind of a head start to my bucket list. I decided it was time for me to find my Porsche 911. It only took me a couple of minutes searching online. It seemed fate was at hand, because my ideal Porsche 911, was available not far from where I lived. It was a cabriolet, the perfect color, with all the options I wanted, and none of the options I didn't want. I contacted the seller and bought my Porsche the next day.

In the 5 ½ years since, it has brought me profound joy. And I think of my late childhood friend every time I drive it. I sometimes imagine he might be riding shotgun, and we'd be just like teenagers again grinning at the thrill of driving a 911. The car became our special family vehicle on the weekends especially, with my two kids fitting in the back and my wife in front with me, top down of course. We have so many great memories and memorable trips with the car.

My kids are teenagers now, and the back seat is no longer an option for them. College and those costs are just around the corner, and the car is no longer practical as that family vehicle, even just for weekends. I had intended to keep it, but this is a car that should be driven and enjoyed. A Porsche that sits and collects dust is a shame. And I'm convinced a 911 suffers when it sits unused. The engine is meant to be driven, tested and let out.

I hope that this car brings as much joy to its next owner as it did for me and my family.

This GTS is Carrera White over full black leather. It has 42,255 miles and is powered by 3.8 litre 6 cylinder with a factory rated 408 HP and 310 lb-ft torque through the Porsche PDK. The front seats are power, heated, and ventilated and it has the Sports Chrono Package Plus, Bose Surround Sound, XM Radio, and the Extended Navigation Mod PCM 3.0, and the three spoke multi-function steering wheel.

The front license plate holder screws into the tow hook receptacle as shown in the pictures and this prevents any drilling into the bumper and is rigid so that the plate and holder do not move and won't scratch the paint. The while plastic cover for the hole is included with the car if you choose not to use the tow hook plate holder.


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Flat 6 Cylinder Engine
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Carrara White
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Flat 6 Cylinder Engine
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