Finders and Brokers Services

Whether you’re looking for your exactly optioned car you had in high school (or maybe even the exact car), a rare collectible, or are more open-ended about something you want to drive or be seen in, we can help you.

Often times found or brokered deals can get you into the vehicle you want for reduced cost and with much more satisfying options and quality.

We comb through hundreds and sometimes thousands of vehicle ads, auctions and sales/consignment inquiries per week. We see a LOT of cars. This is all we do.

We offer everything from the most basic finders services where we connect you with a seller (including tips and tricks on how to make sure you’re buying an authentic, high-quality vehicle), full deal brokering, and several options in between.

To find out more about how we can find the car or truck you’re looking for, please contact us or drop in for a consultation. In many ways, finding and brokering vehicles is our favorite part of what we do. We love the hunt and we’d love to find something for you.


Whether you’re buying the car, about to sell, or need a value established for any number of reasons, we can help.

We have access to a staggering amount of data and experience to help you determine your vehicle’s value.

Introducing LiveDriveTM

LiveDriveTM is Mosing Motorcars’ way for you to be able to preview one of our vehicles even if you’re nowhere near our physical location or just don’t have the time to make it to our showroom.

If you have a mobile phone or device and access to Skype video conferencing technology, you can set up a LiveDriveTM appointment with Mosing Motorcars. Just schedule an appointment with one of our representatives, and we’ll walk you through a video conference call, going over the car you are interested in, giving you a live view of the entire vehicle and paying special attention to any areas of particular interest.

Want to closely inspect common rust areas? Personally see serial numbers? No problem. Want to watch us fire up the vehicle and see it run? You bet. We’re happy to accommodate potential buyers. Contact us today to schedule a LiveDriveTM appointment. Contact us today to schedule a LiveDriveTM appointment and get to know your potential investment up-front and personally without ever leaving the comfort of your office chair.