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1986 Porsche 911 Carrera M491 Factory Turbo Look - $74,999

When the 930 was pulled from the North American market due to emission regulations, the aftermarket jumped in and and started turning the 3.2 Carreras into turbo-look cars. The quality of the body work varied greatly and trying to replicate the rest of what the turbo had was very expensive and much more involved.

Porsche wisely decided to capitalize on that and in 1984 began offering the M491 option on the 3.2 Carrera that remained through 1989. You basically got a factory normally aspirated Carrera with almost everything the Turbo had, except of course,  for the turbo.

The M491 option package included:

  • The wide-body
  • The turbo whale tail
  • The turbo wrap-around chin spoiler
  • The turbo suspension
  • The turbo brakes, wheels, and tires

This option was not an inexpensive one and the prices ranged from about $10,000 to $15,000 during the five year run. This kept production numbers low, making the M491 equipped models both unique and rare.

Records show that in 1986 there were 76 coupes, 58 targas, and 226 Cabriolets imported into North America. The M491’s were highly desirable as track cars with the handling of the Turbo combined with the reliability of the 3.2 engine.

This 1986 911 M491 has had a major engine rebuild as well as replacing  parts with those that had been changed out over the years, to the correct ones except for the wheels which are “19 Forgelines.

You can download the invoice for all of the work done by clicking here.

Carfax download available by clicking here.

Some of the options on this car are A/C, power windows, mirrors, seats, and sunroof, aftermarket AM/FM CD, new black leather seats with red piping, and limited slip differential. There are a few small tears in the headliner and the sun visors are a bit worn but the rest of the car is in excellent shape.