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1962 Austin Mini Cooper Pickup - $27,999

This is a real English built 1962 Austin Mini Cooper Pickup. Not something you see every day for sure. Yes, we like big trucks here in Texas, but this mini pickup is just too cool.

Here are some of the features of this little pick up.

  • Factory New Rover 998 engine AKA the Mini 1000 with just under 5,000 miles on it
  •  4-speed Rod Change Gearbox
  • SPAX Hi-Low Adjustable Gas Suspension with Red Coil Springs
  • HiF SU Carbs 1.5″
  • LCB Exhaust Header
  • RC-40 Muffler
  • High Power Jet Motors Ultimate Ignition
  • Weight Transfer Trailer Hitch
  • Unique Polished Valve Cover
  • Front Cooper S Disc brakes
  • Classic Austin Mini Supefin Alloy Rear Drum Brakes
  • Repainted in 2003

This thing is a blast to drive and guaranteed to get you a lot of looks, smiles, and thumps up. Get ready to be  asked questions and have pictures taken everywhere you go.